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Daily Devotion


Today, I give thanks for the why, purpose, of my life and God’s people.

Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why points out that most CEOs tell others what their organization does when asked about their organization.  Sinek then argues that more important than what an organization does is the why an organization exists.  In successful organizations, every thing they do flows from the why.

I have long noted how important the why is in my faith and in the things I do because of my faith.  I note this because it is biblical. When I read my Bible, I am caught by how often the why appears.

When I read the story of Abraham, the why is Abraham and his descendants are to be a blessing to the families of the world. (Gen 12:3)  When I read the stories of King David, the why is to protect God’s people from hostile foreign enemies AND to administer God’s justice without partiality of social statue or power. (Psalm 72)  When I read the prophets, the why is to be the spokesperson of God, i.e., to call God’s people to accountability or to offer hope. (Isaiah 40-48)  When I read the stories of Jesus, the why is to save individuals (John 3:16) AND to save the world. (John 3:17)  When I read the stories of the church, the why is to continue Jesus’ ministry throughout the world until his second coming. (Acts 1:8)    When I read the stories about an individual’s spiritual gifts, the why is to build up the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-12)   And, when I read the story of Jesus’ sending the Holy Spirit, the why is that his disciples will do even greater acts of ministry than Jesus’. (John 14:12) 

The stories above are not random acts that exist as islands.  Rather, they all point to and have their being in God who rules this world and my life.  Knowing the why brings consistency to life and decision making.  And, knowing the why brings energy because it reduces or eliminates the struggle over what I should do.   For all of these reasons, today I give thanks for the why, my purpose, God has given to me. 

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