Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for the six finalists in our Endowment Fund Grant process. We are pleased to announce how the $10,000 will be divided among the six applicants. We are basing the dollar amount each group will receive directly to the percentage of votes they received from you. Here is the final tally:

Taft Elementary “Ladies of Grace” self-esteem leadership program: $2810

Tikkun Farm After School Farm to Table Series: $1870

Faith (Wilmington) Food Pantry: $1840

First Lutheran (Columbus) Saturday Kids Camp: $1670

African Lutheran Mission; school backpack and tuition program: $1220

The Marriage School (family friendly meeting): $590

Thanks to the Endowment Team for discerning the six finalists — from 19 total applicants — and facilitating the voting process. Team members are: Jonathan Keith (chair), Mary Adams, Doug Barnaclo, David Dietrichson, Bob Hinman, and Pr. Heidi.

If you would like to contribute to the Endowment Fund please talk to Pr. Heidi or someone from the Endowment Team to learn about how. Your generous support of our fund makes these grants and gifts to our community possible. Thank you.

Vote For Applicants To Receive Grants From Endowment Fund

The congregation will be invited to vote during the weekends of April 9/10 and 16/17 to award grants from our Endowment Fund. All confirmed, active members in good standing are eligible to vote. There are six applications in our Synod. Please take a few minutes to review these candidates and be prepared to vote.

African International Lutheran Mission (Whitehall), God's Blessing In a Backpack, $2,000

They are asking for funds to provide educational scholarships to 6 students in Liberia and up to 200 backpacks, with
critical supplies, to children of African Immigrants in the Columbus area. These immigrants are facing language barriers
which makes it difficult to resource food and basic needs. This funding would also go to outreach and support of a
diverse group of people that really need help in assimilating to the culture and help these children survive in a foreign

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church (Wilmington), Food Pantry, $2,000
The Wilmington area remains decimated by the loss of DHL, but grants and gifts have mostly dried up. While their
recovery is gradual, the church has been able to serve fresh and canned food to an average of 481 people per month,
which is an incredible gift to their community. This extensive outreach has brought families in need from Clinton and
Highland counties to the church.

First English Lutheran Church (Columbus), Saturday Kids Camp, $4,000
A 3-hour Saturday morning camp that serves neighborhood children, primarily extremely poor African American, ages K
to 16, many of whom move frequently, do not attend school regularly, and experience violence daily. This ministry
reflects this congregation’s commitment to provide: 1) a safe place for students to learn to know and love Jesus and 2)
positive, constant role models. It includes free breakfast and lunch (since many children have very little to eat on
weekends), activities, Bible stories, and time for reading and social skill development. Average camp attendance is 20
during the school year and 50 during the summer.

The Marriage School (Lebanon), Family-Friendly Meeting, $2,500
Established to provide ongoing programs to strengthen marriages and families in Greater Cincinnati, The Marriage
School offers a Christian marriage program called The Third Option, whose mission is to inspire and encourage people to
build healthy relationships in their marriage, family, work place and community by accepting responsibility for their own
thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors. While successful in their current meeting time of Thursday from 7-9 pm,
families have difficulty attending. A grant from Good Shepherd would provide funding to open a new “family friendly”
meeting time, with child care provided, on Sundays from 4:00—6:00PM.

Tikkun Farm (Mount Healthy), After School Farm to Table Series, $5,000
Project will provide a six-session program for low-income children, including a garden-to-table food experience that will
enable students to help prepare healthy food for their family. Students will spend time in the garden with hands-on
learning about how food is grown and then develop cooking skills with the food that is harvested. The program
culminates in the class hosting a meal that each child can invite two people to attend. Students will each receive a crockpot
and instructions in how to use it to prepare meals.

William Howard Taft Elementary School (Mt. Auburn, Ladies of Grace, $3,000)

Taft serves 317 students in grades PK-6 with three multi-handicap units. 100% of the student population receives free
lunch. Taft has requested $3,000 for the Ladies of Grace program in June. Ladies of Grace is a self-esteem program that
teaches female students in grades 3-6 leadership skills, etiquette, hygiene, problem solving skills, journaling, and
community. The project will address the social and emotional needs that specifically focus on the 120 girl students with
the goal of reducing the number of discipline referrals.