2017-18 Stewardship: Share-Grow-Serve!

Dear Good Shepherd Members and Friends!Greetings in the name of the Risen Christ! I am writing to you first and foremost to say, “Thank you!” for your ongoing and faithful support of our shared ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We are almost eight months into our fiscal year, and by the grace of God revealed through your generosity, we are in a strong financial position as we head into the summer months. 

Because of your daring confidence in the abundance of God’s Gifts, Good Shepherd continues to bless the wider church through our giving to the Southern Ohio Synod. In fact, GSLC leads the way among all congregations in our Synod for how much financial support we share with the ELCA—and that is no small thing. In addition to that generous support, Good Shepherd continues to be a blessing through our financial support for the work of Graceworks Lutheran Services, Habitat For Humanity, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, and, of course, providing The Edge House ministry at UC. Our bold response to the gifts God has blessed us with have, in turn, become a blessing to thousands. This is what stewardship looks like—blessed to be a blessing.

Your financial support has also enabled the ministry within our walls to grow. In November, we welcomed Pastor Alex Hoops to our ministry team. If you’ve met Pastor Alex, you know he brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and faithful commitment for sharing the Gospel as we deepen our discipleship walk. This year during Lent, about 100 people participated in small groups with a curriculum focused on discipleship that was written by Pastor Alex. The men’s ministry, including Pub Theology, has been growing. This summer, we will be reimagining how we help our kids grow in faith through a new education model. All of this is possible because you have invested in our shared ministry. Thank you!

If applicable, you will have received a mailing with a statement that reflects your financial support given through the month of March (Easter giving is not shown). We are hoping this information will be helpful for you as you consider your continued giving as we enter the summer months, and the last quarter of our fiscal year.

Looking ahead:
You can find the Estimate of Giving card for our 2017/18 fiscal year HERE. Starting on April 30, we will spend three weekends remembering God’s goodness to us as we explore the theme: Promise: Receive, Share, Be. Each weekend, we will consider God’s abundant riches in our life together with an invitation to pledge support to our ministry for the year ahead. We will be turning in and dedicating our Estimate of Giving cards in worship on May 13 & 14; we hope you will join us that weekend. If you are not able to be there, please return your Estimate of Giving card no later than June 1 so Council can plan next year’s budget according to our estimated gifts. You can also fill out an EOG card available in the lobby.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of your continued support of our ministry. We will have an ambitious budget to accomplish all that God is calling us to, but with everyone participating, it will happen. God has deeply blessed GSLC for many years,and we live into the promise that those blessings will continue as God stirs each of us to share our gifts.


Pastor Heidi Johns
Senior Pastor & Director of Administration & Outreach


Good Shepherd does 10-15 extra fundraisers most every year to help support special outreach programs or to meet needs of the church not covered in the regular budget. If any of them strike your interest, we welcome your support. 

But please feel free to say “no” to any of them and not feel guilty about it. You are a generous people! Your help is appreciated! Yet, we do not expect you to support every special effort we undertake. Consider Paul’s words: “Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).