THE MINISTRY OF ADMINISTRATION is the ministry of formulating, directing and carrying out the plans and tasks that guide and support the Church's mission.

Part of the role of administration is to ensure that the church is operating as efficiently as possible and using the monies that have been entrusted to Good Shepherd as God calls us to do.  Stewardship is an important part of the budget process.  Through the faithful giving of the congregation, GSLC is able to map out what programs can be sustained, can grow, or perhaps be redirected to a more faithful purpose.  Click here to learn more about our current Stewardship Campaign.

If you have changed your e-mail address, please notify the office so that we can update our records. We would not want you to miss out on important communications about our ministry together! Report e-mail and other address changes to Barb Andrews (bandrews@goodshepherd.com) or Jan Zinnecker (jzinnecker@goodshepherd.com) or call 891-1700.


Audit Team. Perform annual audit of church financial records. CPA or equivalent experience required. (10 - 15 hours in September or October) (SVC)
    •    Contact the church office

Consecration Weekend Team. Team members encourage faithful livng and biblical stewardship through the annual Consecration Weekend stewardship program that they plan and organize. (February - May)
    •    Contact the church office

Horn Folder. Help spread information about Good Shepherd's varied ministries by folding and preparing The Shepherd's Horn newsletter for mailing. The Horn is generally published on the 1st Friday of each month. Folders are scheduled on a rotating basis.
    •    Contact: Jan Zinnecker, 891-1700, x127

Monday Work Crew.  Beautify the church, help save resources, enjoy good fellowship and serve God by painting, making repairs, doing electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry, or helping with other projects that keep the church facility in good shape. (The Crew generally works at church each Monday morning.) (SVC, CRF)
    •    Ministry Coordinators: John Van Osdol

Offering Counter. Count and process cash and checks received in the offering each week. Three counters are assigned for each Sunday on a rotating basis. Counting is done after the 11:00 Sunday worship service. (SVC)
    •    Ministry Coordinator: Rob Schutte 

Office Receptionist. Answer the phone, greet church visitors, and perform other office tasks. Receptionists are scheduled for three-hour slots Monday through Friday, and may elect to serve weekly, or once or twice a month. Morning or afternoon slots are available. (SVC, HOSP)  
    •    Contact:  Jan Zinnecker, 891-1700, x127 

Remodeling Team. Each year, one of 5 zones in the church facility is re-painted or renovated with volunteer help to keep it attractive and welcoming. People serving on this team help paint and renovate. This is normally done during the summer months. (SVC, HOSP)
    •    Contact the church office

Special Office Projects. Assist with larger office projects such as publishing and/or assembling large congregational mailings, booklets, or the Annual Report. You may serve on a one-time basis, or for an hour or two, at your convenience. (SVC, HOSP)
    •    Contact:  Barb Andrews, 891-1700, x115


Good Shepherd has two distinct special funds, The Endowment Fund and the Memorial Fund, each of which helps support ministries of the congregation but in different ways.

Gifts to The Good Shepherd Endowment Fund help ensure the future, long-term financial stability of the congregation. The principal of the Endowment Fund is held in perpetuity. Interest or dividend income from its investment may be used to fund special projects within or outside the church, support the annual budget, or be retained for future use. Some recent gifts have now brought the principal to about $375,000, which in this current economy may generate between $4,000 and $8,000 of income that could be used for ministry.

Gifts to the Good Shepherd Memorial Fund are used to support current ministry needs of the church. Both the principal and any earned interest may be used for any purpose deemed appropriate by the pastoral staff or Church Council, although it typically is used for obtaining items for worship (linens, altar paraments, communion vessels) or technical equipment.

Gifts to either fund are often given to honor loved ones. Gifts normally provide a tax benefit to the donor and may be made in the form of bequests, annuities, trusts, life insurance, or outright donations.

Please contact the church office for more information on either fund.