Adult Education at Good Shepherd

… takes three basic forms to meet the needs of people who wish to participate in different “depths” of study.

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Interest Studies are one-time learning events (1 to 3 sessions) that seeks to “bring people up to date” on a particular issue for society or the congregation.  These are sometimes repeated throughout the year to reach a larger audience.  Interest studies are always.  In the tabs to this page you will find Interest Studies under:  Open Studies AND Short Studies.Modular Studies are those that seek to focus the participant's learning on a particular issue (Advent, War and Peace), theological issue, or book of the Bible.  The duration of the course is short enough (4-7 sessions) to fit progressive learning into the schedules of those with busy lives.  In the tabs to this page you will find Interest Studies under:  Open Studies AND Short Studies.

Course Studies are those where participants develop a deep relationship centered on mutual accountability to accomplish specific learning goals (8-30 sessions).  A course study often includes: a covanental commitment, growth in prayer life together, homework, and leaders that have committed themselves to course length.  In the tabs to this page you will find Interest Studies under:  Deeper Studies AND In Dept Studies.

Notes About KERYGMA Bible Studies   The foundation of the Kerygm program is to lead participants in becoming familiar with the “Bible as a whole”.  A participant can do this by taking the Basic Course (led by lay teachers) which is 15 lessons (15 weeks) of Old Testament followed by 15 lessons on the New Testament.  Participants can continue to deepen their study by entering a second year of "In Depth Study" led by a pastor.  At the completion of an "In Depth" course, participant may become Kerygma basic course leaders if they wish.

Other, shorter term (4 to 7 week) courses are also offered throughout the year for those who want to continue to deepen their understanding of the Bible. These studies usually focus on just one book or theme of the Bible.

The Word “Kerygma”: 
The work Kerygma is a Greek word that originally meant “the proclamation” of a herald or government official.  The early Christian church gave the Greek word a new meaning, and in the New Testament the word is used to indicate the content of the message announced by the church.  The program bears this name because it seeks to support congregations in reading and exploring the “Bible as a whole” message that includes the good news found in both the Old and New Testaments.

  Six principles guide the Kerygma program …
The biblical story provides the essential foundation for adult Christian education.
The interpretation of biblical materials should take place in the context of the whole Bible.
The best tools of scholarship should be utilized in such interpretation.
Lay people are willing and able to participate in serious study of the Bible.
The best teaching strategies actively involve adults in their own learning.
The purpose of Bible Study in the church is to discern God’s Word for the contemporary community of faith.


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