There are times when a member or long-time associate family just needs a bit of help.  Maybe someone in the family is hospitalized…maybe someone  is critically ill, maybe a child has been injured in an accident…in any case, just getting the family fed becomes a hurdle. It’s at times like these that the CFAM Emergency Meals Team comes to the rescue.

Arlene Wojcieszak has been heading up this effort for a number of years.   Judy Herrmann steps in when Arlene is out of town.  The goal of the Emergency Meals Team is to supply and deliver a full mean (main dish, veggie, bread, and dessert) to a household experiencing some type of emergency or critical family situation.  

If your household has a need for this help, please call Pastor Pat (513.891.1700, ext. 111), Arlene (513.793.7524) or Judy (513.793.6393) and let one of them know of your situation.  Arlene or Judy will check for any allergies in the family and then call one of their dedicated meal preparers.  That “angel preparer” will call the family to determine the best time to deliver the meal or meals and then carry through with the cooking and delivery of the food.

Emergency meals are a simple yet profound kindness which Arlene (or Judy) and their Team are glad to provide and we thank them for it!!! 

"For I was hungry and you fed me."  ~Matthew 25:35

The really good news is that it is a kindness which many of us can perform… so if you want to join this team of emergency meal preparers, please call Pastor Pat and sign up to help out.

How many times would I have to do this in a year’s time you might ask?  “Once or twice” is the answer.  Arlene and Judy have a big group of ready-to-help preparers!  

Beyond that, Arlene and Judy are happy to share some great tips with their team of preparers:  ideas for great meals, keeping the ingredients for an easy-to-assemble dish on hand to facilitate a quick response, and having on hand some disposable containers, so it isn’t necessary to collect dishes from the receiving family afterward.  Net, with these helpful tips for the preparers, many of us can participate in this wonderful blessing for families in crisis.