The purpose of the Grace & Favor Meals Team, led by Stacey Herr, is to "extend the hand of friendship and Christian love” to a family who has just experienced the birth (or adoption) of a child by providing them with a meal when Mom comes home from the hospital… or when the baby or child arrives through the adoption process.  It is a celebratory gesture intended to let the family know we are thinking of them and join them in their joy.  The meals are accompanied by a written table grace thanking God for the precious gift the family has just received… hence the name “Grace and Favor”!

The reach of this ministry is a bit different from most of our other CFAM ministries as it extends beyond church members and long term associates to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group which meets regularly at Good Shepherd… not all of whom belong to the Good Shepherd family.  If you are aware of a family about to experience the joy of a new baby or child, please let Pastor Pat know… similarly, if you would like to join this loving Christian effort by providing a meal from time to time, please get yourself on Pastor Pat’s roster of Grace and Favor meal providers!