Being hospitalized…no matter the nature of the procedure or ailment… is often a time of stress and worry.  Will I be okay?  Will my family need assistance while I am gone?  What happens when I am released? These are just a few of the thoughts that run through our minds at such times.  How comforting then, to know that your church cares.  

Our wonderful Pastors make it a practice to visit all members when they are hospitalized.  In addition, our CFAM (Caring for All Members) Hospital Callers Team, led by Anne Dorward and Betsy Fields, stands at the ready to give “aid and comfort”.  If your hospitalization is planned, they will reach out to you ahead of your hospital stay to determine whether you or your family might need some kind of assistance either while you are hospitalized or when you are home recuperating.

Hospital stays today are very short, but if you are in the hospital for more than a day, our Hospital Callers are committed to making  a visit to you to bring greetings from your fellow members, “walk with you a bit” through listening, pray with you if you desire, and provide communion if you want it.  

If they haven’t had a prior opportunity to inquire about any needs you or your family might have for assistance, they will be there to cover that as well.   If, for example, you or your family could use one or more meals during this time, your Hospital Caller will contact our Emergency Meals team and make that happen.

All of our Hospital Callers are either current or former Stephen Ministers  They have had significant training and are good at listening and  very good at maintaining absolute confidentiality.   Support, encouragement and prayers…that is their mission!

If you are about to be hospitalized, please let the church office know.  If you are admitted on an emergency basis, ask a member of your family or a friend to call Pastor Pat or one of the other Pastors at 513.891.1700.