Herb Schneider and John Van Osdol are leaders of the CFAM Transportation Team.   

If you need a ride to or from church or to or from medical appointments, don't hesitate to call Herb at 513.492.7561 or John at 513.793.7062 and tell them of your need.  Of course, Herb and John will appreciate all the lead time you can give them!! 

You can also contact Pastor Pat at 513.891.1700, x111 and let her know of your need and she will pass it on to Herb or John.

The requirements for becoming a member of this Team are detailed below.  One that we did not include in the official list but is all-important is quite simply “a kind heart” which fills you with the desire to lend a hand to fellow members/associates who might have this very practical need for a ride.    Please see the additional information provided below to give you the full picture of what is involved and then call Pastor Pat at 891-1700, ext. 111 if you are interested in joining the Team!

Here is the scope of the program as detailed in the Team Charter:
  • Ride program is for members and long-time associates only…adults or minors accompanied by a parent.  
  • Program includes rides to and from church, hospital, doctor, medical appointments, and other trips deemed “necessary” by Pastors.
  • Volunteers will not be expected to transport anyone outside a radius of 25 miles from GSLC and may cancel a planned ride due to poor road conditions   (e.g. ice and snow).
  • Volunteers are not expected to transport members that are notably unsteady in walking or transferring to the car unless the volunteer has the ability and training and chooses to do so.
Obviously we want to be certain that the program offers safe and secure help to those in need, so accountability is key. Toward that end, the Team charter addresses accountability issues.  Specifically, drivers will need to:

Meet with Herb Schneider, John Van Osdol, and Pastor Pat before joining the team and attend any subsequent training events scheduled for team members.
  • Possess an active and valid driver’s license and proof of insurance and must supply copies of these documents to the church office yearly.
  • Confirm that they have a “clean driving record” (i.e. no history of multiple citations or multiple accidents).
  • Obey all traffic laws and regulations, including use of seat belts, keep car in good repair, and maintain adequate liability insurance.  Drivers are strongly encouraged to discuss liability insurance needs with their own insurance agent.
  • Make certain that if the rider is a minor there is always an accompanying parent and that-- as required by law-- a child car seat or booster seat is used.  Drivers will not make any exceptions to these requirements.
  • Report any issues related to transporting the Rider to the Team Leaders, Herb Schneider or John Van Osdol.
  • Advise the Team Leaders, Herb Schneider or John Van Osdol, at the earliest possible opportunity of any instances where driver simply cannot cover the need for a ride or needs to “step down” for a period of time.
We invite you to join the Transportation Team and offer this practical help to fellow members/associates… in doing so you will heed the call to action expressed in Galatians 6:2 to “Bear one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.