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What is a faith life milestone?  It is an event in the lives of children, youth, and adults when we celebrate or nurture our faith.  Good Shepherd actively supports a number of Milestone Ministry programs to support you in your role as a Christian parent.  Those programs are:

CRADLE CROSS MINISTRY - The church likes to welcome new brothers or sisters in Christ by providing a cross to families of infants.

BAPTISM - A sacrament with instruction for parents.

INTRODUCTION TO PRAYER - A program for children ages two and three and their parents which introduces age-appropriate prayers to be used in the home.

MOPS (Mother Of Preschoolers) and Moms Of Faith (Mothers of school-aged children) - Time out for mothers to refresh themselves in body, mind and spirit, while preschool children are cared for in a loving environment with a spiritual message.

MUSICAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHILDREN - JAM (Jesus and Music) and youth handbells.

INTRODUCTION TO SUNDAY SCHOOL - Children are invited to begin attending Sunday School at the ages of two and three years old.  Sunday School continues throughout high school and for adults as well. 

INTRODUCTION TO WORSHIP - Children in kindergarten and 1st grade are invited to attend an introduction to worship and its various components.  This introduction helps children feel as if they belong in and can participate worship.

FAMILY WORSHIP - 9:00AM Sunday service focuses on families with young children.

FIRST COMMUNION - Children and parents study the sacrament of Holy Communion in a five-week class during the middle of the 3rd grade.  The youth then celebrate their First Communion with their families in March.

FOURTH GRADE BIBLE PROGRAM - Presentation of Bibles to the children, along with a workshop to help the children learn to use their Bibles.

TWEENS - A youth group for 4th-6th graders, with service, fellowship and fun events.  Summer camping experiences are offered each year.

CONFIRMATION - A program for Junior High students, consisting of retreats, Sunday School and worship attendance, workshops and service, culminating in the rite of Confirmation at the end of the 8th grade year.  Parental involvement is key to this program.  Summer camping experiences are offered each year.

SENIOR HIGH - Sunday School class and senior  high student group with a mixture of fun activities and service projects.  Summer trips are held each year.

SPECIAL SUMMER EVENTS - Vacation Bible School, summer trips  for Tweens, Junior and Senior High students, family camping opportunities and individual camping opportunities through Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio.