Do you feel empowered?


Good Shepherd is a caring community! We call upon ourselves as Christians to make it our business when someone is hurting. We ask the hurting person how we can be of help. Perhaps we give them a call or send a card. We ask if they would like to be remembered on the prayer chain. We do these things because we know they are the right thing to do… that Christ has called upon us to care about one another.

There is another step that we would like you to feel empowered to take, and that is to make a referral of a hurting person to the Stephen Ministry group at Good Shepherd. The Pastors and Stephen Ministers (confidential, Christian caregivers) welcome those referrals, whether they be members here or individuals from the community.

If you know of someone who is going through a crisis or needs a listening, caring ear, please contact any of the Pastors or Stephen Leaders (Mary Naylor, Anne Miller, Karen Eller or Sue Greene) and let them know of the situation. The individual will then be contacted by a Stephen Leader, who will let them know that someone cared enough about them to be concerned, and they will be asked if they would like a Stephen Minister with whom to talk.

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