Purpose:  Good Shepherd is a caring Christian community whose purpose is to...

SHARE God’s grace;
GROW our faith;
SERVE others. 

Our Core Values:

Unconditional love

Our Passion:  We believe strongly that the Lord has called us to be and to make disciples, and that membership is secondary to our call as disciples of Jesus.  In keeping with this strong identity in Christ, all adults first complete our “New Member Preparation Process” before joining our congregation.

The Process:  There are three steps for those who would like to become member, in addition to being a baptized Christian who believes in the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ. The first step is luncheon with one of our pastors.  This is followed by a member preparation class.  The final step is member reception. Further details about each step are provided below at right.  Please see dates below at left to find a time that works best for you.


Luncheon with Pastor 
Noon on September 11, October 9, or November 13. (If you wish to attend, please indicate if you will need childcare for the luncheon.)

Member Preparation Class 
9:30AM on September 18, October 16, or November 20.

Member Reception will be held at any of our weekend worship services (5:00PM Sat. and 8:00, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00AM Sun.) on the following dates: September 24/25, October 22/23, or November 25/26.  
New members may choose at which service they want to be received.

If you would like to sign-up or just talk about the process of joining the membership of Good Shepherd please feel free to contact:  Pastor Pat Badkey at 513.891.1700, x111 or pbadkey@goodshepherd.com

FIRST Step: Luncheon With A Pastor
Luncheons will be offered the first Sunday of each month at 12:15PM.  There is no cost to participants; lunch is on us.  Our intent with the luncheon is to deepen our relationship with those joining, present information about being “Lutheran," and to answer specific questions participants may have about being a member of Good Shepherd.  Participants must complete the Luncheon before attending the Member Preparation Class.

SECOND Step: Member Preparation Class
This 75 minute class will be offered on the second Sunday of each month at 9:30AM.  During this class participants will learn about the staff and ministries of Good Shepherd.  They will also identify their Spiritual Gifts and consider ways to participate in education, fellowship, worship, and service to our community.

THIRD Step: Reception At A Worship Service
Member receptions will be offered at any of our worship services (5:00PM Sat., 8:00, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00AM Sun.) on particular weekends of each month (please see chart at left).  New members may simply choose at which service they want to be received.


What if I am not baptized?  We will be glad to baptize you or anyone in your family so you can join our membership.  During your meeting with a pastor, simply identify this need and the pastor will work with you to complete the process for baptism.  (Click here to learn more about baptism at GSLC.)

Does the congregation have childcare during the luncheon and class?  Yes!  Our nursery and Sunday School program will be operating during the classes.  Please contact the church ahead of time if you will need childcare for the luncheon.

How long can I take to complete the process?  We hope that this program will offer the greatest number of opportunities for people to join Good Shepherd and at the same time provide the greatest opportunity for fellowship and learning.  The process can be completed in as little as one month, or participants can complete the process over several months.