At Good Shepherd we have a mission to help you Share God’s Grace, Grow in faith, and Serve your neighbors.

The reason? Because that seems to be what Jesus was up to when he was forming the first disciples. Our hope is that by helping you to Share God’s Grace, you are growing in your confidence to share your transformed self with the world. Whether bringing your passion for service into your workplace, your gift of patience and understanding into your home, or your heart for authentic relationships into your community ANYWHERE! We Hope that you are confident that God has graced you with gifts to share.

Additionally, when it comes to Growing in Faith, we hope to foster in everyone who walks through our doors, a feeling of invitation and support. Growth happens when we are willing to be changed. Jesus called the disciples into nothing less, than a life transformed. Growing in Faith is about fostering an openness to transformation.Finally, we believe that through all of this Sharing and Growing, we will feel confident in our own call to Serve our Neighbors. In other words, being  transformed compels us to join the work of transforming the lives of our neighbors. Whether it is changing a story for a child facing hunger and poverty Haiti, or helping a child with support and mentorship in a local school.

You may view the links to our Ministries pages where you can see how we are Sharing, Growing and Serving together.