This newest CFAM (Caring for all Members) ministry has been launched to provide added peace of mind to those members or long-term associates who live alone and have no family in the Cincinnati area. 

“Who will call my out-of-town family or friends if I become sick, injured, hospitalized or worse?" one such individual recently asked. No one needs to feel alone in this regard.  Simply contact Just-in-Case Ministry Team Leader, Katy Ping (at 513.791.2437) and she will provide you with the form to fill out for the Just-in-Case Registry. Once that contact information is available to the Pastors they have committed to contacting those out-of-town family members or friends should the need ever arise.  Registry participants simply need to make their out-of-town family members or friends aware that they have asked the church to provide this service.  Peace of mind is a good thing and we are glad to be able to provide it through the Just-In-Case Registry!