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You want your children to learn about God and the Bible.

So we've created opportunities for your children to grow their faith at any age, from Pre-K through High School.  A couple of ways Good Shepherd does this are:

Kids Connect is Good Shepherd's version of Sunday School.  It's open to grades Pre-K through 6th Grade.  Students learn about Bible through stories, song, art, activities, and fun.  Kids Connect happens each Sunday at 10:10 am in Room 100 during the school year.

Faith Milestones are celebrations of important moments of faith in our lives.  Examples of youth Faith Milestones are being baptized, becoming a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church, and graduating High School.

Youth Groups provide young folks friendship, opportunities to serve others, and time to explore their faith with their peers.  Good Shepherd offers three different youth groups:  Tweens (Grades 4 - 6), Confirmation (Grades 7-8), and Senior High (Grades 9-12).

You can learn about these and other youth and family programs by clicking the pictures below.

Ready to sign-up or have other questions?  Contact the Director of Faith Formation, Jen Jarman, at or 513.891.1700.

Faith Milestones

Learning about the Lord's Table with Pastor Pat
What is a Faith Milestone?  A Faith Milestones is a significant moment in our lives that is uniquely connected with God’s presence.  Milestones can be related to sacraments (ex. Holy Communion or Baptism), completion of a workshop or season of learning (ex. Prayer Workshop, Confirmation, or Bible Workshop), or transitioning to a different time of our lives (like graduating High School).

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church currently recognizes the following Faith Milestones:

Baptism (any age) – For Lutherans, Baptism is a means of grace.  It is an ancient rite; a clear and concrete way that God reveals love and mercy to us.  In Baptism, we are welcomed into the Body of Christ fully.  All are invited to take part in the sacrament of Baptism.

Prayer Workshop (2 and 3-year-olds) - This fun, engaging workshop introduces young children to the concept of prayer and how prayer can be used at home in different situations (like bed or meal times).

Worship Workshop (K-1st Grade) - Children get up close and personal with the organ, altar, and other spaces they usually see from the pews.  They also learn more about the whys and hows of a typical Lutheran worship service.

First Communion (3rd Grade) - All Baptized people are welcome to the Lord's Table at GSLC.  It is during 3rd Grade that our youth learn about the sacrament of Holy Communion and how the simple act of eating bread and wine brings Christ into our lives.

Bible Workshop (4th Grade) - The Bible Workshop equips youth with the basic understanding and layout of the Bible.  Students also receive a Bible as a gift from GSLC.

Hear We Stand (6th Grade) - This faith milestone gives our soon-to-be confirmands their Confirmation student workbook (Hear We Stand) and provides an overview of the Confirmation process.

Confirmation (7th - 8th Grade) - Confirmands spend several years learning about the Bible, the Lutheran Worship Service, how to apply our faith in everyday life, and the ins and outs of Luther’s Small Catechism.  The process culminates in the confirmands affirming their faith on Reformation Sunday.

Baccalaureate (12th Grade) - A celebration of our senior high students as they leave high school behind to enter a new phase of their lives.

Jen Jarman, Director of Faith Formation, hopes to expand our Faith Milestone celebrations beyond youth in the coming years to include other important moments in our adult lives such as marriage, death of a loved one, or retirement.


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