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We are going to be working on various ways to stay connected to you all during this unusual time.  One way will be through this (nearly) Daily Devotional to your inbox, and copied here where you have the opportunity to contribute comments and responses to the reflection questions.

Another is through a weekend message, like Pastor Alex did this past weekend. We are continually talking as a staff as to the best ways to keep in contact and support you all in the midst of these days.  

Additionally, the 2020 Lenten Devotional which was written by our members, is available here on the website, just follow this link to the Publications page.


Pastor Heidi Johns

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Daily Devotion

As I look out the window from my home office I can see people walking on one of the paths that leads into Sharon Woods.  The path has been busy at all times of the day since we have been sheltering at home.  I am grateful to see that people are getting out and walking as a way to care for their bodies and most likely their souls.  I also find it comforting to just see people out there, to be reminded that I am part of a larger community and not in this alone.

One day last week I watched an older gentleman walking up and down the path with a small trowel, like what you would use in a flower bed.  I was curious as I watched him stoop down at several places on the path and use his little shovel.  I really couldn’t imagine what he was doing. 

It wasn’t until later that day, when I walked the path myself, that I realized what he had been up to.  The part of the path that he was working on has a slight incline, and in rainy weather, water runs down causing muddy ravines to form which deteriorate the path and make it hard to maneuver.  The man had been digging little pathways for the water to follow, directing it to flow off the path and into woods off to the side.  We had had recent rains and more was predicted, so his work was timely.  As I walked that stretch of path I saw the man’s handiwork in several places. 

It warmed my heart to think of how this guy was using his time, his ingenuity and his resources to help make the path easier to maneuver for the walkers and  caring for our beautiful park at the same time.  He did it without fanfare or looking for thanks.  I suspect he did it without anyone asking him to.  It was just a way that he saw he could contribute to our life together.

It got me thinking about what ways I can use my time, ingenuity and resources to help make “the path” easier for others in these challenging days we are living in.  What small contributions am I making for the common good?  How am I helping to care for the earth and her inhabitants?  That man with his trowel will never know how he encouraged me to ponder my own actions.

There is a place in Scripture that says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.”  It seems we are all trying to maneuver the same “path” these days.  It’s a path that we have not really had to walk before, so we are learning as we go.  But I can also imagine our God going before us with a trowel, making the path more passable and leading us in the best way to go.


Reflection Questions:

How are you using you time, ingenuity and resources to contribute to the common good in these days?

Are you finding it easy or hard to “trust in the Lord with all your heart” as we walk this path together?


Peace to all of you,

Pastor Heidi

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Bill Smith


So encouraging and motivating. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding" was my Confirmation Bible verse and still my favorite. Off for my daily walk. I'll keep my "shovel" handy. God Bless you.

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