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Daily Devotion
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Daily Devotion

Koben Hinman

Today’s Devotion is written by Koben Hinman

I've been thinking about Mary, of Nazareth.  August is the month we read her praise of God and acceptance to be the earthly mother of Jesus.  We are given to understand that she was a very young teenager, 14 or 15.  Her praise song is not even a question, such as "Am I worthy?"  She just says "Yes", and her heart thrills with God's choice, spontaneously.

Can we imagine our own 14 or15 year old daughter or granddaughter doing the same, for another great adventure laid out before her? For example, First Female Teen to a research  colony on Mars? How old will she be when she returns?  How will she have aged?  What will she learn? What an amazing opportunity!!!

More than excitement, Mary's enthusiasm included worship from her girlish heart. Did her wonder and amazement continue on her journey to visit Elizabeth, her cousin?  We are told Elizabeth was filled with joy to see Mary! They must have been close friends, even with the age difference between them.

Can you think of Mary's joy, remembering when the angel spoke to her of God's choice as  Jesus grew and studied Torah?  Truly, God's choice of his earthly mother was being fulfilled then.  Though she was at the wedding in Cana, what about at the Jordan with his cousin, John, and later feeding so many? Her heart must have sung out again, and again.  Yet, we have few scriptures to tell us she was near.  Surely, she was close by to see Jesus with Zaccheus, and even not too far away to hear the words of prayer Jesus taught in the Our Father.  Did she know Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany?  Mary must have been within earshot, in the kitchen, for the Last Supper.  Imagine it.  She knew, of course, that all would not seem to end well, after that new covenant in her son's blood, the wine, was shared.

How many times had He caught her loving eye during his 3 years of teaching?  How many times did she bring Him a fresh robe, or mended sandals? Touch His cheek?  Gently squeeze His carpenter's calloused fingers, remembering childish ones, tenderly?  In the end, her girl's enthusiasm and willingness, her obedience could only support the earthly Jesus in an earthly way.  Her heart was broken on Calvary, and, as His disciples laid Jesus' body in her arms, her tears washing His earthly wounds.

What was Easter morning like for Mary of Nazareth?  Did she remember her song of praise, and give thanks, again, that she, a lowly servant,  was God's choice? What was her song that morning?

The Magnificat:  "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour; because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaid...Holy is His name."

God has done wonders by the hands of His "lowly" servants throughout the ages. I think this time is not different.  Many health workers, nurses, doctors, researchers, servants, are helping all of us.  God sees our mustard seeds of faith in Him, and will bring us through.   Holy is His name.

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Connie Golden

Wonderfully realized and written!

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Danelle Buelsing

Koben, thank you for this new perspective on Mary. I love the image of Mary watching and supporting her son as He fulfilled His mission.

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