Devotionals are short essays written by GSLC members and staff that explore the ways the Holy Spirit works within our every day lives.  There are several ways we invite you to use these devotionals:

  • Make them a part of a prayer practice - read a devotion and consider the ways that Christ has worked similarly in your life or works in unexpected ways.
  • Make them a part of a journaling practice - read a devotion and journal about what the Holy Spirit is stirring in you as you reflect on the essay.
  • Use them as a reminder that God works in all things, the bad and the good.

With over 400 available devotions, you can use these daily, weekly, or monthly.  It's up to you!  We just hope that by reading these inspiring stories provided by Good Shepherd's flock you are able to better see where Jesus is present in all things!  Thank you to all of our members that have provided devotionals throughout the past couple of years!

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Daily Devotion

by Danelle Buelsing

by Danelle Buelsing

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

As I am writing this in early February, Pastor Heidi’s sermon from last Sunday is fresh on my mind.  She talked about the 3 things that we seek through prayer:  community, clarity, and commitment. Although I look for each of these from time to time, the one that I relate to the most is clarity.  You see, making decisions is not my strength.  I can spend huge amounts of time considering the various angles of a situation and then get completely stuck when it comes to committing to one side or the other.  

A few years ago, our son, Anthony, was ready to start high school.  We had planned for him to attend the public high school in our district until my husband Mark’s cousin presented another option.  She suggested that we look at the parochial school where she worked, as she thought it would be a good fit for Anthony.  There was even a scholarship available that would cover most of the tuition.  Predictably, I was torn.  Mark and I saw pros and cons with each school, and Anthony didn’t have a strong opinion either way.

In the midst of this decision time, I attended a class on various types of prayer, led by Pastor Alice.  We started by each thinking of a question to bring to God.  For me, that was easy.  I had been thinking of little else.  Much to my surprise, as I moved through the exercise, the answer to my school dilemma became clear.  I felt so strongly where God was leading us, and I was overflowing with joy and gratitude for showing us His plan for our child.

The next evening, I was at home, making dinner.  As I chopped potatoes, my mind was in turmoil.  What if I had misinterpreted what I had perceived in class the day before?  Was I really going to choose a high school for our son based on an activity?  What if God wasn’t a part of that experience at all?  Our daughter, Emily, was in the kitchen with me and had the radio on.   I wasn’t paying any attention to the radio because I was preoccupied with questioning my decision.  Suddenly, Emily interrupted my thoughts by asking, “Mom, did you hear what they just said on the radio?  They said, ‘Don’t dig up in doubt what was planted in faith.’  I really like that!”  I was stunned.  I couldn’t imagine a quote that could have spoken more clearly to my questioning heart.

We followed God’s lead and didn’t look back.  We watched Anthony grow significantly during his years at the parochial high school.  I love that we have a God who loves us, knows us, and has plans for us.  When we falter in our faith, I’m grateful that He gives us second chances.  Our job in return is to ask, listen, and trust.

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3 comments on article "Daily Devotion"

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Love this: "Don’t dig up in doubt what was planted in faith". Going to write this one down. Thanks!

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I agree! I'm going to lean on this when I find myself stuck overanalyzing or re-thinking decisions. "Let go and Let GOD!"

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Peter Eller

The admonition to let the faith-planted work grow and prosper is quite powerful and inspirational.

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