Devotionals are short essays written by GSLC members and staff that explore the ways the Holy Spirit works within our every day lives.  There are several ways we invite you to use these devotionals:

  • Make them a part of a prayer practice - read a devotion and consider the ways that Christ has worked similarly in your life or works in unexpected ways.
  • Make them a part of a journaling practice - read a devotion and journal about what the Holy Spirit is stirring in you as you reflect on the essay.
  • Use them as a reminder that God works in all things, the bad and the good.

With over 400 available devotions, you can use these daily, weekly, or monthly.  It's up to you!  We just hope that by reading these inspiring stories provided by Good Shepherd's flock you are able to better see where Jesus is present in all things!  Thank you to all of our members that have provided devotionals throughout the past couple of years!

Daily Devotion
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Daily Devotion

by Danelle Buelsing

by Danelle Buelsing

God’s Winter Splendor
Genesis 1:31 – “God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

I have never been a big fan of winter.  Although I can appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow  glistening in the sunlight, I choose to look at it through a window from inside my warm house.  When I venture out, I dart from my car to the building, spending as little time outside as possible.  Winter is something I have to endure in order to get to my favorite season – spring.  Truth be told, I suppose I see winter as one of God’s lesser ideas.

This year, however, I have found my opinion shifting a bit, largely due to a program through Good Shepherd called Walk, Talk, and Pray.  Last summer, Kristin Kalsem, Tracey Long, and I were asked by Pastor Pat to lead this month-long series, as a way for people of Good Shepherd to be together during the pandemic.  Each week in July, a group of us gathered for a devotion, fellowship, and a walk in the woods.  When the month was over, none of us wanted our weekly walks to end – so we kept going.  The trees along our wooded paths turned vivid in the fall and then dropped their leaves, and our attire changed from shorts to long pants to winter coats and gloves.  And still we walked.  

The blessings have been abundant.  In planning our walks, we discovered that there are so many beautiful places to explore in Cincinnati.  We had no idea!  The parks and nature preserves that we have visited have provided views of wildflowers, trees, prairies, wetlands, animals, birds, rivers, creeks, and waterfalls.  Recently we have taken to finding a special spot along the trail in which to pause and read the devotion that we have chosen for the day.  Somehow bringing our focus to the Creator in the midst of His beautiful creation makes it all the more relevant.  While we walk, we all treasure the blessing of visiting safely with each other, during a time when opportunities for social interaction are hard to find.  

All of this has motivated me to get outside, even in the winter.  Instead of avoiding the cold, I look forward to our walk each week.  I expected that we would lose the beauty of the scenery when winter came, but that hasn’t been the case.  The undisturbed blanket of snow and the ice-covered tree branches are breathtaking.  As Kristin pointed out during one of our walks, we can see so much farther without the leaves on the trees blocking our view.  The slope of the land, a distant creek, and a red-headed woodpecker in a tree are easier to spot in the winter.  There is beauty in nature in all seasons, and winter is no exception.  Who knew?  Well, God did, and I praise Him for all of His creation ideas, and for the opportunity to savor them in due season.

Dear Lord, we are in awe when we see your creativity in nature.  Open our eyes to the beauty around us, that we may always praise you for the wonderful world that you have made.  Amen.

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5 comments on article "Daily Devotion"

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Karen Mazzei

Danelle, thanks for being such a wonderful blessing to this group! I have enjoyed your nature-side devotionals so much, and this one too.

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Mary grace ftiesen

What a delightful message. Winter is so special so pleased you have had such good experiences in nature

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Bea Broder-Oldach

You inspire gratitude and a sense of wonder.

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Katy Ping

What a lovely view of the God's nature around us.

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Danelle- I couldn’t agree more! I would have never ventured out on my own in the cold- but the opportunity to be in fellowship and slow down and appreciate God’s beautiful creation has been such a blessing to me! Grateful to you for your “always on point” devotions which you so carefully prepare each week. Thank you- and thanks to God for the beauty of each season - EVEN winter!!

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