About GSLC

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was founded in 1953 by a faithful group of Lutherans living in Norwood that wanted to establish a new church far away from the traffic and bustling of city life.  And while the area around Good Shepherd has dramatically changed, the heart of what Good Shepherd is - a community of faithful Lutherans committed to sharing God's grace and serving others - has remained constant over the years.

Good Shepherd has long been known for its radical generosity, using up to 30% of its financial resources for outreach to the community, nation and world. Its with that heart for generosity that we continue to focus on how we might bless our community and the world.  

Whether it is local work at local elementary schools volunteering our time as tutors and mentors, supporting the work of Habitat Humanity in the Cincinnati area, or partnering with mission partners in Haiti, Good Shepherd wants to help you connect your gifts to the needs of the world.  

Jesus’ ministry was about setting the captive free, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and revealing a glimpse of the world as God has always hoped it would be (The Kingdom of God) Jesus did this by forming disciples: Regular folks who were inspired by his Kingdom Vision and were encouraged to join in on God’s restorative work. In short, we hope to be transformed by the love of God, so that we can better love our neighbors.

Good Shepherd is a ministry of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. You can read more about the ELCA, here,

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is caring Christian community where we 

Share God’s Grace

Grow in Faith

and Serve Others.