Vacation Bible School 2020


Welcome to Shake It Up Cafe 

“If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation…”  -2 Corinthians 5:17a 

On behalf of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, welcome to Shake It Up Café! Thank you for welcoming us into your homes each day as we shake things up for this summer’s Vacation Bible School. The name “Shake It Up Café” reflects not only how our own lives have been shaken up as a result of the Coronavirus, but also how Jesus calls us to shake up our own lives as we imitate Him in our daily ways and works. The Bible gives us a recipe for discipleship that include the following Secret Ingredients: 

Day and Theme Link to Programming
Monday: Be Ready for God’s call  Click Here to Start Day 1
Tuesday: Give Happily to God and to others  Click Here to Start Day 2
Wednesday: Believe Fully in Jesus as God’s Son  Click Here to Start Day 3
Thursday: Remember Jesus’ life and teachings  Click Here to Start Day 4
Friday: Celebrate God forever  Click Here to Start Day 5

Each day at Shake It Up Café, your household will be introduced to stories of biblical festivals that reveal the secret ingredients and help us link both the Old and New Testament to our lives today. Follow our Daily Menu to experience all that Shake It Up Café can serve you as we become new creations in Christ. Our Daily Menu options include: 

Kitchen A La King: The main course at Shake It Up Café, featuring our daily Puppet Show, Bible Story and music. 

Tangy & Tart Arts: A craft activity for Sous Chefs to creatively represent the Daily Theme. 

Takeout Treatery: Follow healthy recipes as demonstrated by Chef Bobby to nourish healthy bodies in order to make a positive difference in our community. 

Foodology Factory: Turn your kitchen into a science laboratory as sous Chefs connect science principles to the Daily Bible Story. 

Spork Sports: Chefs of all ages and abilities can engage their whole bodies in an interactive kitchen-based game. 

Carryout Challenge: A brief review of the daily theme and story that includes a short devotion, and a song for each day. 


Let’s get cookin’! 


Your VBS Team: Jen Jarman (GSLC), Ginger Tomes (POP), Pastor Alex Hoops (GSLC), Margaret Eilert (POP), Chef Bobby Baker, and Mary Ellen Helms (POP)