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“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” — Proverbs 22:6

The road to discipleship starts at home for many of us.  Good Shepherd is committed to providing spirtual practices and faith formation resources to help children and famlies discern God's presence in their daily lives.  It is through a vareity of worship options, faith formation and fellowship events, and service opportunities that families build community and friendships and learn to share the light of God with the world.

Faith Milestones

Author: Scott Puthoff/Tuesday, March 16, 2021/Categories: Children & Families, Youth Groups

Good Shepherd observes the following Faith Milestones during the development of our youth:

Baptism (any age) -  Baptism is a means of grace.  It is an ancient rite and a clear and concrete way that God reveals love and mercy to us.  In Baptism, we are welcomed into the Body of Christ fully.  ALL are invited to take part in the sacrament of Baptism.

Prayer Workshop (2-3 year olds) - This fun, engaging worship engages young children to the concept of prayer and different prayers they can practice daily with their family.

Worship Workship (K-1st Grade) - Children get up close and personal with the organ, alter, and other spaces they usually see from the pews during worship.  They also learn about the whys and hows of a Lutheran worship service.

First Communion (3rd Grade) - All Baptized people are welcome to the Lord's Table at GSLC.  It is during 3rd Grade that our youth learn about the sacrament of Communion and how the simple act of eating bread and wine brings Christ into our lives.

Bible Workshop (4th Grade) - The Bible workshop equips youth with the basic understanding and layout of the Bible.  Students also recieve a Bible as a gift from Good Shepherd at this time.

Hear We Stand (6th Grade) - This faith milestone gives our soon-to-be confirmands the student workbook that they'll be using during Confirmation and an overview of the Confirmation process.

Confirmation (7th - 8th Grade) - Confirmands spend several years learning about our shared Lutheran faith as they seek to become confirmed members with the church.

Baccalaureate (12th Grade) - A celebration of our senior high students as they leave high school behind to enter into a new phase of their life.


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