CFAM - Caring For All Members

CFAM - Caring For All Members


The PARISH VISITOR TEAM members visit and maintain a warm, loving relationship with those members who are largely homebound.

The EMERGENCY MEALS TEAM prepares and delivers meals to families or individuals experiencing a critical life situation.

The STEPHEN MINISTERS provide distinctively Christian care to individuals who are hurting or struggling with difficult issues by listening and “walking with them” through those times.

The TRANSPORTATION TEAM provides rides to and from church and medical appointments for the elderly or those with special needs.

The MINOR HOME REPAIRS TEAM helps elderly or member families with special needs with minor home repairs critical to their daily living activities or on-going safety and protection.

HOSPITAL CALLERS are Stephen-trained volunteers who visit members hospitalized or just home from the hospital to offer help and bring greetings from fellow members.

The BEREAVEMENT TEAM helps members grieving the loss of a loved one at the time of the funeral or memorial service by providing a time for fellowship and remembering which may include a meal or light refreshments.

The PRAYER CHAIN members take time each day to hold up in prayer the congregation as a whole and those members of the congregation who have shared a particular need or concern.

The SHEPHERD’S PANTRY provides help in the form of groceries (primarily food) to members/long term associates/regular worshippers at GSLC who may be going through an especially tough time financially.  The Pantry may be accessed confidentially.

The JUST-IN-CASE-REGISTRY offers peace of mind to members/associates who live alone and have no family in the area through a commitment on the part of the church to stand ready to make any emergency calls to family or friends should the need arise.

Pastor Pat Badkey is in charge of all of the CFAM Ministries and at Good Shepherd and welcomes questions related to them. 
Please contact her at or (513) 891-1700 ext. 111.


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