“Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift

of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music.” — Martin Luther

Good Shepherd knows how integral music is to our lives.  It prepares our hearts and minds for worship.  It recalls memories of weddings or funerals.  It lifts us up.  It helps us take on the day ahead.  Ultimately, it brings us into closer relationship with God.

Good Shepherd is blessed to have a wide range of musicians that are willing to share their talents with our community and help us provide a vareity of styles of worship.  From traditional hymns and organ to the latest Christian-pop with guitars and drums, Good Shepherd has a style of worship and music that will speak to you and your faith.

Thank from Deacon Debbie Jones

Thank from Deacon Debbie Jones

Author: Scott Puthoff/Friday, September 3, 2021/Categories: News, Music News

Recently, as I was packing up my office, I came across my application to be Good Shepherd's first fulltime Director of Worship and Music. There was the usual documentation of degrees and experience. There was also a request for me to describe my understanding of the major teachings of the Lutheran Church and how a music program conveys those teachings to participants and congregation alike. What I wrote 34 years ago has formed my entire ministry at Good Shepherd. Music is the vehicle which conveys the church's teachings. It also is a way for everyone to participate, no matter what their ability.

34 years ago, I wrote that I wanted to be part of a team because ministry is strengthened when we combine all our gifts together - as staff, as musicians, as a congregation. Together we remodeled the Nave to create a variety of worship experiences. We obtained musical instruments - organ, piano, keyboard, bells and Orff instruments so that we could praise God with "timbrel and brass (Psalm 150.) We purchased new hymnals, copyrights, sound equipment, and streaming devices so that we could join in person and online to worship God. We created a Liturgical Arts Team to fill our walls with inspiration. We created a space where we could come together to worship and praise God.

The retirement celebration was incredible. The music, the tributes, the luncheon, and the gifts. I was so touched by all the notes - yes it took a couple hours to read them all. The monetary congregation gift left us speechless. Norma Fredrickson's wall hanging will be a constant reminder of my ministry at Good Shepherd. I am so grateful for all of you who planned and helped celebrate the end of my ministry - both in person and online. Thank you so much.

We are excited to begin a new chapter, as we move to a new city and join a new congregation. It will be wonderful to be close to our daughter and family and be involved with a congregation that has the same heart for outreach as Good Shepherd. We will also miss all of you. You have been an important part of our lives that we will always cherish. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in ministry

God bless you all - Deacon Debbie Jones


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