Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.  The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music. — Martin Luther

Good Shepherd knows how integral music is to our lives.  It prepares our hearts and minds for worship.  It recalls memories of weddings or funerals.  It lifts us up.  It helps us take on the day ahead.  Ultimately, it brings us into closer relationship with God.

Good Shepherd is blessed to have a wide range of musicians that are willing to share their talents with our community and help us provide a vareity of styles of worship.  From traditional hymns and organ to the latest Christian-pop with guitars and drums, Good Shepherd has a style of worship and music that will speak to you and your faith.

Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ

1991 Bunn+Minnick Organ Specifications

3 Manuals, 45 Ranks, 2732 Pipes

16 Gemshorn (choir)
8 Prinzipal
8 Metal Bordun
8 Unda Maris II (choir)
4 Oktav
4 Halb Bordun
22/3 Quinte
2 Klein Oktav
13/5 Terz
VI Grande Cornet 8’
III Mixtur
II Zimbel
16 Basson (swell)
8 Trompette Héroïque
8 Trompette (swell)
8 Krummhorn (choir)
4 Hautbois (swell)
8 Nason Flöte (ant)
2’ Lieblich Prinzipal (ant)
Choir (enclosed)
16 Contra Dulciana
8 Gemshorn
8 Hohlflöte
8 Dulciana
8 Unda Maris
4 Spitz Prinzipal
4 Flûte A Bec
22/3 Nazard
2 Blockflöte
13/5 Tierce
11/3 Larigot
1 Fugara
16 Rohr Sordun
8 Trompette Héroïque
8 Bombard (pedal)
8 Krummhorn
4 Rohr Schalmei
8 Nason Flöte (ant)
2 Lieblich Prinzipal (ant)
Swell (enclosed)
16 Bourdon Doux
8 Montre
8 Bourdon
8 Gambe
8 Voix Céleste
4 Prestant
4 Flûte Harmonique
2 Doublette
IV Plein Jeu
16 Contre Trompette
8 Trompette
8 Basson
8 Vox Humana
4 Clairon
8 Nason Flöte (ant)
2 Lieblich Prinzipal (ant)
16 Swell to Swell
Swell Unison Off
4 Swell to Swell
16 Trompette Héroïque (gt)
8 Trompette Héroïque (gt)
4 Trompette Héroïque (gt)
8 Great to Pedal
4 Great to Pedal
8 Swell to Pedal
4 Swell to Pedal
8 Choir to Pedal
4 Choir to Pedal
16 Great to Great
Great Unison Off
4 Great to Great
16 Swell to Great
8 Swell to Great
4 Swell to Great
16 Choir to Great
8 Choir to Great
4 Choir to Great
16 Choir to Choir
Choir Unison Off
4 Choir to Choir
16 Swell to Choir
8 Swell to Choir
4 Swell to Choir
8 Great to Choir
4 Great to Choir
32 Grande Harmonics
32 Contra Bass
32 Dolce
16 Wood Diapason
16 Subbass
16 Contra Gemshorn (choir)
16 Bourdon Doux (swell)
16 Dulciana (choir)
8 Principal
8 Gross Flute
8 Bass Flute
8 Gemshorn (choir)
8 Bourdon (swell)
51/3 Quinte (swell)
4 Choral Bass
4 Flûte (swell)
2 Super Octave
III Rauschpfeife
32 Contra Bombard
16 Bombard
16 Basson (swell)
16 Rohr Sordun (choir)
8 Trompette Héroïque (gt)
8 Trumpet
8 Trompette (swell)
4 Clarion
4 Krummhorn (choir)












Console Details

Solid-State Multi-Level Capture Combination Action
16 Levels of Memory
Combination Action Key Switch
16 General Pistons
10 Duplicate General Toe Studs
General Cancel Piston
Set Piston
8 Great Pistons
Great Cancel Piston
8 Swell Pistons
Swell Cancel Piston
8 Choir Pistons
Choir Cancel Piston
8 Pedal Pistons
8 Duplicate Pedal Toe Studs
Pedal Cancel Piston
Sforzando Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Tutti Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Great to Pedal Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Swell to Pedal Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Choir to Pedal Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
32 Contrabass Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
32 Dolce Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
32 Contra Bombard Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Reed Ventil Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Mixture Ventil Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
Zimbelstern Reversible, Piston and Toe Stud
4 Programmable Crescendo Settings
Bargraph Crescendo Indicator
Sforzando Indicator Light
Tutti Indicator Light
Current Indicator Light
Signal Button
Signal Indicator Light
Reed Ventil Indicator Light
Mixture Ventil Indicator Light
Crescendo Pedal
Swell Expression Pedal
Choir Expression Pedal
Shade Control


Keyboards with naturals of maple and sharps of walnut, matching adjustable bench, finished to match Chancel furnishings, all-electric action, sufficient cable for console to be movable, lighted plexiglas music rack, pedal light, digital clock



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