Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.  The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music. — Martin Luther

Good Shepherd knows how integral music is to our lives.  It prepares our hearts and minds for worship.  It recalls memories of weddings or funerals.  It lifts us up.  It helps us take on the day ahead.  Ultimately, it brings us into closer relationship with God.

Good Shepherd is blessed to have a wide range of musicians that are willing to share their talents with our community and help us provide a vareity of styles of worship.  From traditional hymns and organ to the latest Christian-pop with guitars and drums, Good Shepherd has a style of worship and music that will speak to you and your faith.

Liturgical Art

Good Shepherd is blessed to have a variety of original pieces of Liturgical Art to display in the sanctuary throughout the year.

Some pieces have been created by professional liturgical artists, such as Norma Fredrickson.  Norma has created pieces for GSLC for both Pentecost and Easter.  Hear Norma talk about her recent creations for GSLC in an interview with former Director of Worship and Music, Deacon Debbie Jones:

Other art has been provided by Confirmation Students as part of their Faith Masterpieces.  A recent installation was created by M Kessler for Reformation Sunday (picture below) and provided this explaination for the work:

The new artwork on the walls represents the story of the tongues of fire. How the Holy Spirit enabled the disciples to speak in different tongues to spread God’s word. The project can represent the movement God has on our lives, and how we are able to move other’s lives by spreading God’s message. As the weather changes and you observe the eye-catching colored leaves blowing in the wind, let it remind you of the Holy Spirit and the power given to you.


Next time you are in worship, take some time to look at the art on the walls and altar and see how God is speaking to you through GSLC's Liturgical Art.




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