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Taft Elementary - September Update

Taft Elementary - September Update

Author: Scott Puthoff/Friday, September 3, 2021/Categories: News

As students return to their classrooms throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, the Taft Elementary Ministry team is busy planning how we can return to our adopted classrooms for the 2021 - 2022 school year.  We will have four adopted classrooms this year - both 2nd grade classrooms and both 3rd grade classrooms.  Mrs. Blake (formerly Ms. Pearce) and Ms. Quillen are our 2nd grade teachers and Ms. Koenig (formerly a 5th grade teacher at Taft) and Ms. Menczywor are our 3rd grade teachers.  They look forward to working with Good Shepherd once again this year!  They were all beyond grateful to receive ALL the school supplies YOU donated for their classrooms.  Your generosity will make a difference to our students and teachers throughout the year.

Taft Elementary hosted “Back to School” night prior to the first day of school.  Our Taft Food Pantry leaders, Kathy and Bill Shuman, opened the pantry to visitors that evening with great success.  All the most popular pantry items were given to families for which they were most appreciative.  Hopefully this showcase of the pantry will increase visitors once it opens in September.  It will be open from 8AM-10AM and 3PM-5PM on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month.  If you are interested in helping with the monthly food stocking and/or assisting shoppers, please contact Kathy or Bill Shuman ( or

To learn more about the Taft ministry and the many opportunities to serve, mark your calendars to attend our kickoff meeting on Tuesday, September 7th at 7PM in the Fellowship Hall.  We will discuss the many and varied ways you can become involved in this ministry as well as plans for our monthly classroom visits.  If you are not able to attend the meeting or aren’t yet comfortable meeting in a group setting, please contact either Sue Matz ( or 513-646-6928) or Beth Townsend ( or 513-607-0135) to learn more about how you may serve in this meaningful ministry.  We look forward to once again serving Taft students and families - we would love to have you join us!

Taft Pen Pals Needed:  Are you willing to write to a 2nd or 3rd grade student about once a month? We are resuming our pen pal program with Taft students, and we need your help! We are mentoring 2 second grade classes and 2 third grade classes, so about 90 volunteers are needed. I will assign you to a student, probably in early September, and a journal will be provided. You write about a page in the journal, return it to church, and we take it to Taft, where your student will write a reply. When the journals are returned to GSLC, I will notify you to pick yours up, write your entry, and return it to church. This program requires a minimal time commitment, but the teachers say it is an extremely helpful reading and writing experience for their students. It is fun, too! If you can help, please email me, Anne Miller, at Teenagers are welcome to be pen pals, as well, and have enjoyed participating in the past.


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