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Senior Pastor Call Process

September 22, 2022 - Congregational Survey Summary Results

The Transition Team provides a summary of the Survey Results:  The transition team surveyed the congregation to help guide our senior pastor search process; in defining who we are at GSLC and our intentions for the future. Here are the results from the 181 respondents who provided feedback.  When considering who we are at GSLC, our hopes for the future and how we live out our mission statement, the following themes arose:

  • We see our breadth of outreach programs as a strength & something to be proud of. Many programs were called out, including Taft, NEEDS, Habitat, Haiti, Tikkun farm, Christmas gift program, VBS, Edge House and the God’s Work our Hands check distribution.
  • Our worship services and faith formation programs for youth & adults are important to us.  Some have concerns about our lower level of attendance since reopening.
  • As we look to the future, we wish to sustain & grow our vibrant community:
    • By attracting more families with young children, and better serving teens & young adults.
    • By being intentionally more inclusive and welcoming to all
  • Many expressed concerns over the current marriage policy, seeing it as alienating and excluding the LGBTQ community and young people in general; and a desire to address this to expand our inclusion & diversity. At the same time some dislike this overt focus and find it polarizing.

You can read more about the survey results by downloading the "GSLC Congregational Survey Summary Results" PDF document below.


July 25, 2022 Update (via email from Pastor Alex Hoops and the Transition Team)

Dear Good Shepherd Family,

Thank you SO MUCH for your response to the Congregational Survey; we had a terrific response!  The Transition Team will use your responses to complete the Ministry Site Profile, a document that describes the community of Good Shepherd, our history, and ministry.  This is the first document that is created by Good Shepherd during the Call Process and is eventually uploaded to the ELCA Online Database to be shared with potential candidates.  

We expect the Ministry Site Profile to be completed in the next couple of weeks.  Following the completion of the Ministry Site Profile, we will finalize the membership of the Call Committee.  The Call Committee is the group of members whose role it is to discern the candidate whom God is calling to be our next Senior Pastor.

Please continue to keep Good Shepherd in your prayers during this time of transition and discernment.  

In abiding hope of the empty tomb, Pastor Alex Hoops 


July 18, 2022 Update

Ron Zink, GSLC Church Council President, shares an update on the Call Committee for Good Shepherd:

Hans Schwarz was nominated and approved by church council to serve as the leader of our Sr. Pastor Call Team.  Hans and the transition team are in the process of inviting others to join the Call Team, which is expected to kick off its work in mid/late August. 

Hans recently led the search committee for the Music & Worship Director position, resulting in the hiring of Dr. Kevin Seal.  Hans has served on church council for the past 3 years and will be assuming this leadership role as his current term expires.

Please pray for Hans and the transition team as they continue this important work to support our congregation.

Thank you to Hans for serving in this role!

Also - there have been several staffing moves that have happened to better handle the work of the church during (and possibly after) this time of transition:

A "Business Manager" position has been created to handle the day-to-day business, finances, and other administrative tasks here at Good Shepherd.  We are proud to announce that Carlene Murray, who previously served as Church Secretary, has accepted this position.  Carlene's background and collegiate studies are actually in the field of business; we are grateful that she is able to use her years of experience and schooling to serve Good Shepherd in this new role.

Additionally, some of Carlene's previous responsibilties (such as worship bulletins and sending out mailings) are being given to a new part-time Worship & Music Administrative Assistant.  We are pleased to announce that Peter McCutcheon has accepted this position with Good Shepherd.  You may know Peter from playing electric bass at Contemporary, playing double bass at Traditional, or serving at VBS in the music outposts.  He also recently helped Ken organize and catalogue all of the Contemporary Worship music.  We are excited to see how Peter serves in this role!


June 30, 2022 Update (From Shepherd's Horn)

**July 27, 2022 revision of this particular update - GSLC completed collecting surveys on July 24, 2022, which is why you will not find a link to the survey in this article.  This update is only be kept to preserve the record of what has happened in the Call Process.

The Good Shepherd Transition Team is seeking input from the congregation to guide our Senior Pastor search process. Your answers will help us define who we are at GSLC and our hopes for the future.

Please fill out this survey at your earliest convenience. We hope to get all the data together from this survey by the end of the month so that we can submit our Ministry Site Profile (MSP) in early August. Your speedy response is critical because once the MSP is complete, we can begin interviewing potential pastoral candidates.

The Transition Team thanks you all for your speedy responses!



June 1, 2022 Update (From Shepherd's Horn)

Before we can call a new Pastor to serve at Good Shepherd, we need to ask ourselves some very important questions about who Good Shepherd is, where we are going, and what we are passionate about.

The newly assembled Transition Team has begun work answering those questions. Over the next two months The Transition Team will begin assembling our Ministry Site Profile. The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) serves as a document which can succinctly describe Good Shepherd’s mission and what we are looking for in a new Lead Pastor. The MSP will then be available nationwide in our search for a new lead pastor at GSLC. 

The Transition team is composed of leaders within the congregation and operates under the guidance of the synod bishop.  Good Shepherd’s Transition Team will be led by Council Member Chris Fitz.  Pastor Alex will be on the team serving as a staff representative and will be joined by council members Kathy Shuman and Vernon Hartman alongside GSLC members Tracey Long, Peter McCutcheon, Melissa Gaskey, Tara Chapin, and Don Robke.

Over the next few months expect to be hearing from the transition team as they seek to capture, in words and statistics, the identity of GSLC. A congregational survey is currently in development that will help this team in crafting the MSP and your thoughtful responses will be invaluable in their work.  

The Transition Team thanks you in advance for your thoughtful feedback and they ask that you please hold them in your prayers as they go about completing this important step in calling our next pastor. 



May 17, 2022 Update

You can access documents related to the Call Process at the bottom of this article.  Added today:  Church Council's PowerPoint Presentation Slides and the Synod's Guide to the Call Process.


May 15, 2022 Update

Church Council members and GSLC leadership provided a presentation at the 10 am Adult Connect hour on the process to call a new pastor.  Here are some highlights of what was shared:

  • The overview of the transition and call process (see May 10th update below for a brief description of the call process).
  • GSLC is still seeking an Interim Pastor to help with some pastoral and administrative duties while we are in the process of finding a new Senior Pastor (Pastor Pat is serving as Acting Interim in the meantime).
  • Highlighted the goals of Church Council for the next three months (celebrate Pastor Heidi, identify who Good Shepherd is and our key values, refresh the Music Ministry).
  • Identifying the make-up of who serves on the Call and Transition Teams.
  • Talked about what is the same and different in the process of calling a pastor from the last time GSLC went through the process. 

Watch the full presentation below.


PS - We've added chapters to the video on YouTube that outlines the topics covered and the questions asked by the congregation during the Q&A.  Head on over to the YouTube video and click "Show More" in the description to see the list of topics and questions.

PPS - We added Church Council's PowerPoint presentation to the document.


May 11, 2022 Update

Good Shepherd announces Pastor Pat Badkey as Acting Senior Pastor.  Pastor Pat was asked to fill this role by the Good Shepherd Church Council when it was learned no interim Senior Pastors were able to serve at GSLC.  Her years of experience and leadership at Good Shepherd will be invaluable as we move through the process of calling a new Senior Pastor.

Additionally, Church Council has been actively recruiting members to serve on the Transition Committee.  They expect the Transition Committee to be filled by Sunday, May 15th.


May 10, 2022 Update (Pastor Heidi's Last Day | Church Council Meets with the Southern Ohio Synod)

On May 10th, Pastor Heidi's final day withe Good Shepherd.  The process to call a new Senior Pastor cannot start until the call of current Senior Pastor has officially ended.

WIth Pastor Heidi's call ended, the Good Shepherd Church Council met with Southern Ohio Synod's Bishop Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt and Assistant to the Biship Bob Abrams that evening.  A summary of the meeting is below:

  • The Synod provided an overview of the transition and call process
    • The Transition and Call Process Simplified:  Good Shepherd Church Council will create a Transition Committee to create a Ministry Site Profile (a document that describes GSLC, our community, and our ministry).  GSLC expects this document to be created by August 2022.  After the Site Profile is completed and provided to the Synod, a Call Committee is established by the Church Council to review candidates that both the Call Committee and the Synod identify (expected to be created in late August 2022).  Once a primary candidate is identified, the candidate will meet with GSLC staff and Church Council for interviews.  Finally, the primary candidate meets with the congregation.  A time of discernment follows before eventually a vote is held by the congregation.  The average time for the process to take place is 9 to 18 months. 
  • They reviewed Church Council's top priorities for GSLC's ministry.
  • They reviewed Church Council's hopes for the qualities and skills that a new Senior Pastor would have.
  • They discussed how no interim Senior Pastors are current available (an interim Senior Pastor is someone from outside GSLC that would serve the role of Senior Pastor during GSLC's process to call a new Senior Pastor).


April 3, 2022 Update (From GSLC Church Council President Ron Zink)

The council is working on the Senior Pastor transition plans with our next meeting scheduled for April 12th.  Per the  Southern Ohio Synod's advice, the council will meet with the Bishop on May 10th, after the completion of Pastor Heidi’s call.  During this meeting, we will officially begin the transition process.  Council President Ron Zink will share more information about the transition and call process during the 10:00 Adult Forum on May 15th.  Please keep the staff and council in your prayers as we celebrate Pastor Heidi and prepare for this transition. - Ron Zink


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