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Bringing Worship To You

Hello Good Shepherd Family! Even though it seems our world has come to a stop, worship is not canceled! For each week that we cannot meet face-to-face, we will be providing resources so that worship will still happen wherever YOU are. The church is alive and active, just meeting in a new way. It used to be that hundreds of people gathered in one church to worship. Now, one church is gathering in hundreds of locations, including your home.

Each week you will find resources in this location including worship bulletins that mirror our Traditional, Contemporary and Family Worship services. Just click to open, assign parts to your family members and you can have your own worship. There will also be songs, readings, and a video sermon link for both “big” church, and Family Worship.  

Sometime before Saturday at 5pm we will send you a refreshed Link with all of these resources for that specific weekend. Why not gather as a household at the exact same time you would normally be worshipping? 

Let us know how your household is “doing” church in these days. We would love to hear from you.



Family Worship

April 4 & 5, 2020

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Family Worship at Good Shepherd (and your house!) is open to all ages—you kids’ squirming and chatter is welcome. We also invite you to engage with your kids during and after the service—ask them questions, share your own responses—it’s a team sport!

Have fun with this new form of worship: wear your pj’s, have different people lead parts of the service, maybe have a dance party? Even though we are apart, it’s a celebration!

Click the READ MORE button to begin worship.


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