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Support, Research, and A Helping Hand Read more

Support, Research, and A Helping Hand

My daughter and I received the $500 check from God’s Work. Our Hands 2.0 - God’s Grace. Your Hands. What a surprise! This is how we used the $500 gift... First of all, my daughter wanted to donate money to her 92 year old grandfather to use towards his medication and groceries for this month. In addition to donating money to my daughter’s grandfather, we donated to The Whole Foods School Supply Program for local schools in need; The Cure Starts Now; The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; and The American Lung Association.

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Blessing an Engineering Missionary Read more

Blessing an Engineering Missionary

I am currently raising support to be a full time missionary with Engineering Ministries International (EMI). We are serving Christian organizations around the world with our engineering skills. Most recently I have been called to serve with Samaritan's Purse in the Bahamas. This gift came so unexpectedly, I know it is from God. Thank you for blessing me and my ministry. I pray that I will be able to serve the poor and have you as part of my journey.

Mission Support for House of Praise, Cincinnatti Read more

Mission Support for House of Praise, Cincinnatti

We are acquainted with a man named Lawrence McNickles who is a full time pastor at a local church near Colerain Avenue and also a full time therapist for Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. Lawrence lives the mantra every day , between his church and job: God's Grace, Your Hands. When we were given the opportunity to offer this gift to someone we both thought of Lawrence and his church. Here is the letter that was enclosed with the check to Lawrence's church:

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Helping Towards Recovery Read more

Helping Towards Recovery

The Center for Addiction Treatment on Ezzard Charles is a non profit agency where patients have access to both residential and intensive outpatient services. In an effort to meet increasing needs for addiction treatment, CAT recently added a second building to its campus. We chose to donate our $250 check from Good Shepherd plus a $25 personal check to this agency to support their efforts in guiding & supporting people toward recovery from their addictions.

Grace For The Next Step Read more

Grace For The Next Step

I've known "Rick" for over a year and a half. We met when I was working at a drug and alcohol treatment center. While I was never officially his case manager, we would often talk and eventually became friends. Rick is in recovery from opioid addiction and has been clean for over two years. He is nearing the end of his time with the center and has fulfilled his requirements with the justice system. Rick is ready to make a step out on his own, but needed some money in the bank for the transition. When I gave him the check...

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Some Help Over The Hump Read more

Some Help Over The Hump

For the past three years we have been actively involved with the VEIL ministry, being tutors for the Homework Club on Sunday afternoons during the school year, assisting with the Summer Reading Program, and serving on the Board. And more recently, we became godparents for one of the VEIL youth. When we received the God’s Work Our Hands check of $100, we decided to match that amount and give the monies to Pastora Carmen to put in the VEIL discretionary fund. She, in turn, is going to give that money to one of the families who is in particular need of additional funds. To have helped even one family over a bit of a hump, to have helped them breathe a bit easier financially, is to have shared God’s grace.

Answered Prayers Read more

Answered Prayers

There are not enough words to say what this donation meant to me. It could not have come at a better time. Due to circumstances beyond my control , I needed money to pay my rent and electric bill. I prayed to God to help me find a way to pay these bills. I truly consider this a miracle and certainly God's answers to my prayers. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH AND TO WALT ANDERSON . Virginia Dunchus

Read this one all the way through! Read more

Read this one all the way through!

My first reaction to the envelope was to put it back in the offering plate. I live in a sheltered world and could think no one to whom the gift would make a real difference. I did not consider an organization because the gift would be invisible to the final benefriary. When the plate came around, I accepted the challenge and put the envelope in my pocket. As I drove home, I approached a stop light where a man always stood, holding a cardboard sign. I thought about him as the corner came closer. What would he do with such a gift? See a doctor? Sleep indoors? Go on a bender? Or maybe share with others who also had needs? The gift might be life changing or it might be wasted. And then I pictured Jesus in Gethsemene, asking those same questions about me! I stopped and rolled down the window.

East End Adult Education Center Receives a Gift of Grace Read more

East End Adult Education Center Receives a Gift of Grace

Today we received our donation from your parishioner, David Schackmann. He has been a longtime volunteer--over 20 years! He believes in our mission to help educate individuals, and volunteers weekly in our tutoring program. A little bit about what we do! Last school year we served 191 individuals-- 76 in the educational program, with 25 who graduated with a GED, and 115 in the computer lab for testing, college refresher, job and college search, and application writing. Our mission, as a government approved charitable organization, is to provide quality educational programs for the residents of the Greater Cincinnati area, aimed at increasing students' basic literacy, academic, computer, and job skills. We turn no serious student away and our services are free. Programs Offered: GED Instruction with one-on-one and group instruction On-site GED Testing for the Official GED College Preparation and Counseling Tutoring for Current College Students Job and Career Counseling Computer Instruction

Grace & Grieving Read more

Grace & Grieving

On Sept 6 an acquaintance of my daughter gave birth to her 4th little girl. Her other girls are 13,9, and 7. Two hours after delivery the mother died. She had been told earlier that she a tumor in her abdomen and needed to have surgery. She refused to do anything to harm the baby and made the decision to wait til after her daughter was born. She told no one. So even though they attempted

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A Child's Hope Read more

A Child's Hope

Chance, Jake and I were blessed with an envelope containing a $100 check. The boys were pretty excited by this challenge and gave lots of thought to the best way to put God’s grace to work. We tossed around thoughts about helping a homeless person(s), supporting a foster care agency, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and in the end the boys selected a charity they had spent time with recently.

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Tracey Long:

Well timing they say is everything- and it seems that the need, your skills and this gift were certainly in God's plan. Prayers of blessing on your hands as you take your skills where they are needed to help those effected by Dorian.

Tracey Long:

What more can I say- your letter was beautiful! Great to hear that Pastor McNickels and the House of Praise so exemplify the intent of the gift that your recipient was an obvious choice. Blessings to their ministry!

Tracey Long:

Addiction has trapped far too many and taken away the abundant life God intends for them- your gift will help bring HIS light to those who are seeking it. May your gift be proof through a time of struggle that God is always there to help.

Tracey Long:

What a powerful message of support and encouragement you've given Rick to know that you believe in him and God believes in him! I will pray that Rick's recovery road leads him to a renewed and abundant life.

Heidi Johns:

Virginia and Walt, God's tangible grace is supporting and surrounding you. Walt, thank you for sharing God's grace with Virginia at this challenging time. Virginia we will be praying for you.

Heidi Johns:

Thank you for reminding us that helping one family at a time is a tangible sign of God's grace and goodness. Hopefully as they breath easier they will know that the "breath" of the Holy Spirit is surrounding them!

Tracey Long:

This is a gift of courage and faith on your part and I trust it will be a powerful sign of God's grace to this man.

Thank you for sharing your response as I'm sure you are not alone in questioning what to do with this unanticipated gift.

Tracey Long:

What a wonderful investment the staff and volunteers are making with all your talents at the East End Adult Education Center- making brighter futures possible through your educational services. Thank you for showing us that we can be of service to others by giving of our time and talents. May this fianancial gift help multiply the impact of your efforts!

Tracey L Long:

So happy to think that more people in need will have a good meal "tomorrow" because of your support!

Tracey Long:

This family is certainly feeling the power of God's Grace from your hands as they are facing such mixed joy and loss. We will pray for them and all those whose stories we receive- that they may know God's love especially through times of difficuly and sorrow.

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