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Thanks from MOPS Read more

Thanks from MOPS

Jenni Talcott

Our development staff felt so encouraged by Danelle's letter with the donation. Working at MOPS International headquarters means we don't always get to 'see' the fruits of our labor. But hearing how our organization has impacted Danelle by walking with her through the journey of motherhood truly touched our hearts. It is amazing to see how God continues to use the ministry of MOPS even years later. Thank you for thinking of us when deciding where to give! Your contribution allows us to reach more moms across the world for Jesus!


Gratitude from Habitat Read more

Gratitude from Habitat

Anna Brandt

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the generosity of the Griffith and Soller families as well as an anonymous contribution through the "God's Grace Your Hands" project. At Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, we are extremely blessed to have this partnership with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Your congregation has gone above and beyond in your support for our mission to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope here in the Tri-State area. Thank you for your ongoing support, both financially and with volunteer labor!


A Timely Gift of Grace Read more

A Timely Gift of Grace


Humbled and beyond grateful tonight as I felt the presence of God. Every year God places a family on my heart to help for the holidays- one that needs not only assistance but hope and love. This year the family was a friend of mine. She suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and is unable to do most things that we take for granted. She was recently divorced from her husband, whom upon being diagnosed with ALS, moved back to his mom's home in California. She was left raising three kids, two who have been diagnosed with Lupus. Tracey Long stopped by with a donation and to my surprise gave me a check for $500 and additional gift cards to give to this family. She had read my post asking for others to join me and help this family during Christmas. A few hours before Tracey came over, I was notified that the father passed away. I often question how much this family can handle but God works through mysterious ways to allow us to feel His holy presence through others. My favorite scripture is from Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ and for gracing us with His love. Forever touched and forever grateful.


Thanks from Save the Animals Foundation Read more

Thanks from Save the Animals Foundation

Save the Animals Foundation

To our friends at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Kenwood, we would like to express our gratitude! We appreciate the family members of your parish (choosing to remain anonymous), who came to the door of our shelter, Save the Animals Foundation, with a donation of $100. Apparently, their children chose our organization due to their love of animals, and knowing that we are a 100 percent volunteer organization with no paid staff, we can assure you that all funds go directly to the care of the animals. We are certainly very grateful, and we welcome you to come for our Brush-n-Fluff event on Sunday, November 3rd, from 2-4, so we can show you with wags and purrs, the lucky beneficiaries of your kindness. Thank you for your generosity


A Thank You From Our Furry Friends! Read more

A Thank You From Our Furry Friends!

Kara Davila

My sister Kelyn Arora goes to Good Shepherd and blessed me with a gift from the God's Grace Your Hands" initiative along with a matching gift from her family. I have rescued and rehabilitated close to 200 abandoned dogs over the past 6 years, welcoming them into my home as a foster to get them healthy and ready to be an amazing furever family member to a deserving adoptive family through one of my partner rescues. It is not easy or cheap to do this but it is my passion and a mission God has placed before me. This recent donation made me cry that a community of beautiful souls would help me help God's creatures who need it the most. Your gift helped me with a Mama dog dropped off in the woods right before she gave birth. I fostered her and her 9 puppies. The puppies have all been adopted after receiving the initial puppy wellness shots and such. I still have Mama Sandy and have put her through heartworm treatment and she will soon become the best companion for an adopter. I am truly grateful to have been chosen to receive this gift! Thank you from the bottom of mine and all the furry ones' hearts!


Thanks from RAPTOR Read more

Thanks from RAPTOR

Jackie Bray

The staff and volunteers at RAPTOR Inc. wish to express our gratitude to Donna & Tom Farrell and to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for the very generous $500 donation. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of local birds of prey. We rehabilitate over 300 birds of prey annually and deliver over 350 educational presentations each year at schools, libraries, senior centers, and other community events. We strive to cultivate respect for nature, inspire conservation action in our community, and protect raptor habitat. We receive no tax support or public funds and depend on the generosity of our supporters and volunteers to achieve our mission. The donation will provide essential food, medical care and supplies for the birds in our care. We wish to express our sincerest thanks and invite your congregation to visit our facility to see how the money is being spent during our Open House events on the last Sunday of each month (March-November) from 1pm-4pm. The events are fun and free.

Gratitude from Feed My Sheep Inc. Read more

Gratitude from Feed My Sheep Inc.

Allen sparr

Feed My Sheep, Inc. Liberty The following article appeared in the September newsletter of the Liberty United Methodist Church, Liberty, Kentucky. We want to give a shout out to Good Shepherd Lutheran in Cincinnati for recognizing the need in Casey County and donating a hundred dollars to further our mission. As we continue, we appreciate your donation and need your prayers: "And he said into him, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus said into him, Feed my sheep." John 21:15 The Feed My Sheep, Inc., Liberty is in its sixth month of operation and we are blessed by the outpouring of donations to the food deprived in our country. Not only are we serving meals once a week, but we also provide a food (grocery) box once a month for folks who desperately need an extra boost to make food last until the end of the month. Churches and businesses united to contribute food or monies to buy food for the needy. Our church chose to donate canned chicken and every month; the bin of chicken is collected, taken to City Hall, packed by the Ecumenical Council, and distributed to needy families. Currently, we are preparing 30 boxes. The food box includes canned chicken, peanut butter, canned tuna, crackers, canned soup, canned fruit, canned vegetables, pinto beans, cornbread mix, cereal, oatmeal, canned spaghetti and ravioli, and protein bars. The food box is truly a lifesaver for single or disabled parents, elderly people, and alternative parents (grandparents who have found themselves on a fixed income and have custody of grandchildren due to parental neglect or addiction). It is heartwarming and heart-wrenching to drive up to a home, see a little child run out to the car, grab the bag (always say he can carry it), and tear into a box of cereal like it's Christmas. I implore you to take a look, a real look at your neighborhood, your street, your town, your county! We have food poverty in this county. Our children are the most likely to suffer food insecurity and from what we have witnessed, our elderly come in a close second. The food deprivation in this county has tragic effects for all of us. Most of us have no concept of abject hunger and its resulting hopelessness. Let's not forget the social aspect of food delivery: we are the only people who visit these folks, the only people who seem to care about their welfare, the only people who are checking on them! LUMC did our second service at the soup kitchen on August 2nd. We prepared, packed, served, and delivered approximately 400 meals of pork burgers, chips, fruit snacks, peanut butter and crackers snacks, and cookies. We need your participation, your prayers, and your help! All effort is voluntary and every dollar goes for food. Please bring in the chicken and be aware that as cold weather comes closer, we will have a fundraising event, an opportunity for you to support this outreach program. For an opportunity to serve, please call Brother Kevin (606) 448-9746. You can bless someone and be blessed by your service to others. --


Thanks From The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio Read more

Thanks From The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio

Epilepsy Alliance Ohio

Dear Good Shepherd, On behalf of the Epilepsy Alliance Ohio, I would like to than you for your generous gift... We appreciate your support of our agency. Your donation will be of assistance in supporting the numerous vital and unmatched programs offered by the Epilepsy Alliance Ohio which include: Community Education (accredited seminars, in-service, health fairs, information, and Referrals by phone, email or in person); Social Rehabilitation Programs; Counseling services and a Day Activity Program for adults with epilepsy to name a few. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and know that you have made a positive difference in the lives of so many of the people that we serve!

Dream Big - READ in North College Hill Read more

Dream Big - READ in North College Hill

North College Hill City Schools

North College Hill City School District’s Trojan Way Learning Center has been blessed with a donation from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for $500 and a matching donation of $500 from Marvin Kolodzik. The donations will be used to create a library center for the students called “Dream Big - READ”. This gift is one that will continue giving for many years to come. Reading is a life-changing agent, it has been shown to increase empathy and emotional intelligence along with supporting healthy brain functions throughout a person’s life. Thank you very much, Good Shepherd and Marvin for you donation for the "Dream Big- Read" center at the Trojan Way Learning Center. Your gift has the potential to change young people's lives for many years.


Thanks and Warm Regards from The ALS Association Read more

Thanks and Warm Regards from The ALS Association

The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter

I am writing with great thanks to let you know that your parishioner, Mary Naylor has "paid it forward" by donating $500 she rec'd from the church, provided through a legacy gift - - I gather from Mary's letter to us -- to our Chapter. Mary is a long-time friend of our Chapter, and we first came to know her through her husband's diagnosis with ALS and their subsequent joining of our Chapter to receive multiple services. Although Dave has been gone for several years now, Mary continues to provide monthly volunteer support at our Cincinnati Support Group. She is also an active fundraiser, participating each year in our Cincinnati Walk to Defeat ALS on "Team Remember", for individuals who have already lost their loved one to ALS. Money raised at the Walk to Defeat ALS - -where her donated $500 was applied -- will go toward serving people in Greater Cincinnati with ALS. We do that by providing a licensed social worker to provide case management, assist on the ALS clinical team at UC, facilitate monthly support groups and loan out much-needed medical equipment - and it is all FREE OF CHARGE to the patient and family. We receive no funding from the government, so we very much appreciate the chance to receive these monies to go toward our mission..To discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest. Many thanks for providing these monies to your parishioners to pass on to others who may need it more -- Mary has certainly done this in choosing to support those diagnosed with this dreadful disease - ALS. Thanks and warm regards


Thanks from NEEDS Read more

Thanks from NEEDS

Carol Topp

I'm the treasurer for NEEDS, North East Emergency Distribution Services, a food pantry and emergency financial assistance charity that serves our neighbors in north east Cincinnati. NEEDS was honored to receive a $100 donation from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church via Carroll Grimes. Mr Grimes is a former volunteer for NEEDS, doing shopping trips to buy food for our pantry. Since he can no longer drive, he served NEEDS in this very tangible way. We appreciate his years of volunteering and his compassionate heart for our neighbors in need. The donation will go to help families with an emergency financial need for rent or utilities. And it will go toward buying perishable fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy to feed families. Good Shepherd and Carroll are helping NEEDS be the hands of Jesus in our city. Thank you!


Thanks from Indian River Scholarship Fund. Read more

Thanks from Indian River Scholarship Fund.

Indian River Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your wonderful support of Indian River State College. Per your request, these funds will be placed in the Scholarship fund. Thank you for your generous support of education in our community.


Thanks from Magnified Giving Read more

Thanks from Magnified Giving

Magnified Giving

On behalf of the Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program and all our recipients, we thank you for your generous gift! You, along with other donors, teachers and community partners help us educate, inspire and engage over 4000 students from over 100 schools who award grants to local nonprofit organizations. Because of this support, students were able to grand over $177,000 in 2019-- the most that has ever been granted in a single school year! You have an impact on these students and the social causes that matter to them! Thank You and God Bless!


Gratitude from Exotic Animal Rescue Read more

Gratitude from Exotic Animal Rescue

Noah's Lost Ark Exotic Animal Rescue

Noah's Lost Ark is home to over 150 Animals, many rescued from abuse, abandonment, or other deplorable conditions. We never breed, sell, or lend out our animals. Our promise to them is a safe, healthy, permanent home for the rest of their lives. They receive good quality good, premium veterinary care, and room to roam and play. This is all made possible by caring people such as yourself. We deeply appreciate your support and could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Gratitude for Regional Hospice Services Read more

Gratitude for Regional Hospice Services

Regional Hospice Services

We wanted to Thank you for the "gift of grace" to our Ironwood office. Pastor Heidi Johns mentioned being drawn to the memories of her parents, Kenneth and Bertha Johns, who were both cared for by Regional Hospice. It is through donations from wonderful people lie you that help us continue to do the work that we do. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.


Thanks from Matthew 25 (We have received a few of these so far!) Read more

Thanks from Matthew 25 (We have received a few of these so far!)

Matthew 25

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support of Matthew 25. Your Gifts will help us care for those in desperate need. Matthew 25: Ministries is responding to Hurricane Dorian. Dorian swept into the Bahamas as a Category 5 hurricane causing severe flooding, destroying property, and leaving tens of thousands in desperate need of assistance. Matthew 25 is airlifting supplies into the Bahamas as an initial step to get help to the hardest hit areas. Thank you for making our work possible. Read the full Thank You Letter by clicking the Photo.


On Track & Resolute Read more

On Track & Resolute

First Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Cincinnati was contacted by a Good Shepherd household offering to donate their $250 "God's Grace Your Hands" gift along with a $250 match. We offered two $500 ideas that would provide an immediate benefit to our ministry. One was to purchase new furnishings for our nursery and the other was to purchase needed furnishings for our Gallery. Rather than choose one, the GSL members decided to fund both ideas. That means the $250 became $1,000! Thank you Good Shepherd for stepping out in faith with "God's Grace Your Hands"! In Christ's Grace, Pastor Brian Ferguson


A Place to Stay When it is Needed Most Read more

A Place to Stay When it is Needed Most

Edward Slater

This week the Center for Respite Care ( received a $100 donation along with a letter from the couple, members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, explaining the God's Grace Your Hands program. How wonderful! The Center is a 24/7, 20 bed medical facility. Our clients are people experiencing homelessness, have had a stay in the hospital and need a place to recover after discharge. Along with medical support, meals and other needs, we provide ongoing case management to ensure our clients leave us for a safe, appropriate and permanent setting. On behalf of them, our sincere thanks for the generous gift and the opportunity to share the Center's story.


Thanks from The Anglican Relief Fund Read more

Thanks from The Anglican Relief Fund

The Anglican Relief Fund

Thank you for your generous contribution! You are a blessing! ARDF endeavors to tell the story of God's love to all the people who receive either relief assistance from disasters or education, medical, and vocational training assistance with projects funded through the local church. ARDF funded projects and assistance--while they are tangible indeed-- are given for the purpose of revealing the enduring, eternal love of God. God's peole are helping God's people through the local church. Your donations are for eternal purposes. Thank you, we value your partnership in the Gospel.


Thanks from A Child's Hope Int'l Read more

Thanks from A Child's Hope Int'l

A Child's Hope Int'l

On behalf of A Child's Hope Int'l, we would like to thank you and your congregation for your donation of $100 to the "Where Needed" program. We are honored to be a recipient of your God's Grace your Hands program (and love the little post-it note!) Across 21 countries in North America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, A Child's Hope Int'l is working with orphans and vulnerable children. Our Goal is to bring a tangible hope to the fatherless in our own city and around the world through the provision of high protein food, clean drinking water, life giving hope, and a place to belong in a forever family.


Thanks from East End Adult Education Center Read more

Thanks from East End Adult Education Center

East End Adult Education Center

Thank you so very much for your generous donation of $250 to The East End Adult Education Center. We really appreciate your support! We are in our 47th year of offering our programs to the community and are really trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. As we touch the lives of our students, we see more and more that without a high school diploma or a GED Diploma, the doors to a career or college are closed. Many of our students have learning disabilities and have never had a positive experience in school. We strive to change this everyday!


Thank from Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center Read more

Thank from Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center

Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center

Your gift is already helping make an impact! "But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth."-- 1John 3:17-18 Thank you for your generous gift of $500 to valley Interfaith Community Resource Center. Your kindness supported programs assisting our neighbors who are experiencing extreme episodes of poverty.


Thanks from the Freestore Read more

Thanks from the Freestore

Freestore FoodBank

Thank you for your generous gift of $100 from Good Shepherd Lutheran. Your donation helps provide emergency food and stability-building services to our neighbors in need. Our generous donors make it possible for Freestore Foodbank to continue to serve over 33 million meals annually across 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.


Thanks From Engineering Missionary Read more

Thanks From Engineering Missionary

Natalie Thompson

Dear Good Shepherd, This week I received a gift of grace from one of your members. Currently I am raising support to do Engineering as mission in developing countries. I have been asked to help in the Bahamas with hurricane relief. So your gift was very timely. Thank you for blessing me and my work. In Christ, Natalie Thompson.


Thanks From #barbsbeanies Read more

Thanks From #barbsbeanies

Barb's Beanies

Dear Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Thank you so very much for your kind and generous donation to Barb's Beanies! On March 1, 2019 my mother Barb Fisher was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That date changed our family forever. In spite of what felt like a tragedy, our family discovered many wonderful lessons about caring for others, finding joy in the midst of crisis and the gift of giving back. After her cancer diagnosis, Barb was determined to fight her cancer and get well. She was ready for chemotherapy but worried about losing her hair. My daughter and I scoured the internet for a hair scarf to make her smile, but nothing felt right. My daughter Aleia is an amazing seamstress and was taught to sew by her Grandma Barb...

Read more and comment

Blessing an Engineering Missionary Read more

Blessing an Engineering Missionary

Natalie Thompson

I am currently raising support to be a full time missionary with Engineering Ministries International (EMI). We are serving Christian organizations around the world with our engineering skills. Most recently I have been called to serve with Samaritan's Purse in the Bahamas. This gift came so unexpectedly, I know it is from God. Thank you for blessing me and my ministry. I pray that I will be able to serve the poor and have you as part of my journey.

Answered Prayers Read more

Answered Prayers

Virginia Dunchus

There are not enough words to say what this donation meant to me. It could not have come at a better time. Due to circumstances beyond my control , I needed money to pay my rent and electric bill. I prayed to God to help me find a way to pay these bills. I truly consider this a miracle and certainly God's answers to my prayers. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH AND TO WALT ANDERSON . Virginia Dunchus

East End Adult Education Center Receives a Gift of Grace Read more

East End Adult Education Center Receives a Gift of Grace

East End Adult Education Center

Today we received our donation from your parishioner, David Schackmann. He has been a longtime volunteer--over 20 years! He believes in our mission to help educate individuals, and volunteers weekly in our tutoring program. A little bit about what we do! Last school year we served 191 individuals-- 76 in the educational program, with 25 who graduated with a GED, and 115 in the computer lab for testing, college refresher, job and college search, and application writing. Our mission, as a government approved charitable organization, is to provide quality educational programs for the residents of the Greater Cincinnati area, aimed at increasing students' basic literacy, academic, computer, and job skills. We turn no serious student away and our services are free. Programs Offered: GED Instruction with one-on-one and group instruction On-site GED Testing for the Official GED College Preparation and Counseling Tutoring for Current College Students Job and Career Counseling Computer Instruction



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Crystal Cottrill:

Molly & Frank,

Thank you again for your donation to help our annual campaign! Your contribution definitely help fund our camp scholarships and provides us with resources to help strengthen our community.

With Gratitude,


Amanda Hill:

Thank you for honoring your father with this gift to Habitat. 13 homes in his era is quite an accomplishment, and to think of the generations he impacted with his volunteerism is priceless.

Amanda Hill:

Ed shared this story with me, and I just LOVE It. What an impactful gift!

Amanda Hill:

Hospice is such an incredible organization--I'm so glad you chose to support them and their mission!

Amanda Hill:

I am touched by your story, and thank you for raising awareness to such a worthwhile cause.

Bill Lucke:

I have passed that corner several times in the last month. The man is no longer standing there. It is wrong to extrapolate beyond the data, but…

Dianne Gebhardt French:

Lisa, this is a wonderful story about family, connection, and community. Thank you for sharing.

Tracey Long:

Well timing they say is everything- and it seems that the need, your skills and this gift were certainly in God's plan. Prayers of blessing on your hands as you take your skills where they are needed to help those effected by Dorian.

Tracey Long:

What more can I say- your letter was beautiful! Great to hear that Pastor McNickels and the House of Praise so exemplify the intent of the gift that your recipient was an obvious choice. Blessings to their ministry!

Tracey Long:

Addiction has trapped far too many and taken away the abundant life God intends for them- your gift will help bring HIS light to those who are seeking it. May your gift be proof through a time of struggle that God is always there to help.

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