Experiencing Worship at Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church believes that God speaks to all of us in different ways - including the way you prefer to worship.  Maybe you like modern Christian-pop music or prefer traditional hymns.  Find the best worship option for your family below by reading more about the different styles Good Shepherd offers:

  • Traditional Worship (Saturdays at 5 pm & Sundays at 11 am) - This worship service features traditional hymns and instruments, such as organ, piano, brass, and bells.  The translations of the Bible used for readings are also more traditional.  This worship service is offered at  5 pm each Saturday AND 11 am each Sunday.

  • Contemporary Worship (Sundays at 9 am) - This worship service features modern Christian-pop music and instruments, such as piano, drums, electric guitar, and bass guitar.  Translations of the Bible may be more contemporary using words and phrases more commonly heard in modern times.  This worship service is offered at 9 am each Sunday.

Sunday worship services are live streamed at 9 and 11 am respectively. 

Videos of worship are available for on-demand worship any time after worship concludes (the link for the live stream and recorded worship videos are the same). 

Past worship services are available on the menu to the right OR on our YouTube page.

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